Precious Metals Investment Advice – For my friends (In-laws), and others – BEST to you!

Well I have not found the time to keep this site updated with information… two excellent sites that will provide precious metals information:

Spock Global – The author David Vincent provides a running list of gold and silver type investments, a subscription site. David V has been the CEO of a mining company in Canada, amonst many other SR level positions. He knows the business like no other. A wealth of information!

Goldtent – A public site, look for posts there made by Plunger, a former F-15 pilot. He is amongst many other really good authors that post there …. he understands well what is about to unfold. Plunger is also an Associate Analyst at Rambus Chartology, an excellent subscription site.

We do have some folks that have contacted me about posting here. More later.

The above should help get you going in this very young bull market….The Gold RUN is on 🙂

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