Waiting For Next Bull Run in Gold & Silver

The time is approaching for a clear thinking person to profit greatly from the next magnificent phase of the Gold & Silver Bull Run.

Based on trading indicators the anticipated start date of the next bull run:  November 5, 2018
(Subject to update as events transpire)

In the meantime, while we wait, let out team here prepare this site for you and for gosh-sakes don’t do anything to early and get long into these markets.

This current exhaustion down phase in these metals markets will be quick, severe and painful, so don’t get silly. As opportunity will soon be knocking.

Not investment advice: Places that I like now are:
1) Cash
2) Growth Stocks
4) Possibly Uranium – one major trend indicator has turned bullish, but this sector’s prospects are still iffy at best in the short term.

Please check in later, be patient, more information as to what will be provided in this site will be forth coming. We are building and will be concentrating on the Mining and Streaming equities for these sectors.

Ohh – and if you are a day trader the gold run site will not be for you, this is intended for those that would like some exposure and substantial profits when these markets over the medium and long term.

Stay tuned, information on indicators, Gold and Silver stock mining lists are on the way.


Site Completion To Date - Readying For Hard Analysis and PROFITS!
Analysis is now! 96%
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