This is the start of something really BIG!

Don’t miss this run-away event.

The GREAT bull run has done commenced. More information will be coming forthwith.

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We Continue To Wait

If you have been following previous posts you know that we have picked a date of 7-Nov-2018 as a time to get heavily back in to these Precious Metals Markets. yes, we’ve had a nice run up over the last few days, but the mining stocks have not performed they way they should have relative to the small spike in the physical. Sit tight, most likely more down days coming, and if I am wrong from here there will be plenty of days to “catch up” in this soon to be explosive market! We want to see a solid turn in momentum here before we pull the trigger.

Hang in there! Watching closely for the turn around 🙂

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Don’t be seduced – it ain’t a bottom!

If you think that today’s action in the metals is indicative of a bottom think again.  Take a look at:

We are still looking for the low the first week of November.

In the meantime developers are telling me that the site will be ready soon…I would like to have it ready by the end of Sep 18. At the urging of multiple friends we purchased a premium domain name…come on developers, help get this place in shape…engines are revving waiting for the bull of a lifetime.

Don’t miss it 🙂

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Test Post 2

Hello Its Me – Max


The Race Will Soon Be On!

Trouble at Newmont? Not now, but you will want to have some of this down the line! Most majors are like this - Let others catch the falling knife for now - more later.

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